A Rooftop Garden – Domestic Cleaning Tips

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Posted by Roland McDonald in Property Managment

People living in apartment buildings or condos have to share much of the building facilities with other occupants. This is a good way to bring together the little building community, as long as people don’t abuse their rights and privileges of course.

Another effective way to strengthen relationships between dwellers is to set up a rooftop garden for everyone to enjoy, naturally all occupants of the building will share the garden care and maintenance. Bear in mind that some people just can’t get along with others and cannot be part of any such affairs, so may be you need to check out your neighbours first before offering them to grow plants on the roof.

Rooftop gardens are usually container type gardens, meaning that all the plants and vegetation is grown out of sufficient sized planters. There is no additional layer of soil spread across the roof or any other major landscaping. If you wish to create a decent sized rooftop garden, it is highly recommended to seek the services of a structural engineer who will draft a construction plan and take care of zoning laws and regulations.

The structural evaluation will cost some money but it will clarify and point out any issues concerning the project. The garden will also need water and electricity, the building community will need to agree upon means of irrigation as this could be either rain runoff or proper watering system. A rain drop-off irrigation set up will not cost you anything and will be enough to water the garden during the summer months.

Once agreement has been reached on all levels, you need to start thinking about plot size, containers, seeds and crops. Bear in mind that the rooftop garden’s main purpose is to yield good crops like herbs and small vegetables which will sufficiently feed a family of four so plan well and don’t cut corners.

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