What Not to Do When Clearing Up Your Home | Domestic Cleaning Tips


There are many articles, like Top 10 Ways to Effectively Clear Clutter , that provide pretty comprehensive information on what to do when decluttering your home. Instead of giving you additional organizing and decluttering tips and techniques, I thought it would be most helpful to tell you what NOT to do when trying to put your house in order.

Here are five common missteps to avoid when clearing up your premises.

Organization Before Shopping

Do not shopping for storage containers and supplies before you sort each and every item in your home. You will have no use of a box, bin or basket if you have nothing to put inside. First, determine the things you want to store, and then go for a storage piece. Choose one that fits the space (in the closet, on the shelf, under the bed); is suitable for the items you need it to hold; and functions properly on its place. Do not purchase a bunch of empty containers, but just a few as a start. The additional boxes will just clutter your home further more while you decide how to use them.

Step by Step

Do not try to clean and organize your WHOLE house at once. Very few people have the determination and energy to spend an entire day decluttering their homes. You will likely lose focus and become less productive as the day progresses. It would be much better to divide the decluttering project into small tasks, and spend 2 or 3 hours per day on a room or space. This way you will feel motivated to complete the entire task without burning out by the process.

Complete Each Task Completely

While decluttering you will need to sort your things into categories (throw away, recycle,donate, keep). Once you’ve decided to which category something belongs – take it there. Do not keep the sorting bags and boxes in your home to deliver later. If you have things for returning or donating, load them on your car and drive them straight to the receiving point (a friend’s house, Goodwill, etc.) Take the rubbish out to the trash or call rubbish removal Woolwich to collect it. Do not leave the job half done! After all, you’ve done so much work to see your items categorized, so complete the deal.


Do not think your job is done when you finish organizing your space. You will be disappointed when you have to clean your house again in a month. Remember that while you’ve developed an efficient system of managing incoming and outgoing items, you are not done. You should declutter your home on a regular bases to keep it clean and tidy. Despite this doesn’t sound so encouraging, this new system of decluttering saves time and effort, which is something, isn’t it?

Good is Enough

Very few people have drawers and closets that look the same way as those in catalogues. Trust me. Even if a space is totally reorganized, looks great and works properly, it will hardly pop up on the cover of a home interior magazine. Not because it is not good enough, but because its purpose is to be functional, not stylish. Do not set perfection as your goal, as ultimately you will be disappointed. Simply, create a space that works well for your needs. That’s success!