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Owning a business is a very profitable but also responsible job full of daily tasks and chores. One of those chores is to keep your place perfectly clean because this is one thing that immediately makes an impression on the customer. As soon as they walk in and they see issues with hygiene- a dirty floor, dusty racks, overflowing dustbins and stained glass they would probably not like to come in again.  As a business owner it is not only your responsibility to have all these things in order but you need to make sure that it is impressively spotless. This is exactly what the professional cleaning company does and has been doing for many years.

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What to do to make it clean

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If you own a pub or a restaurant that means that you are probably serving a lot of people throughout the day up until late evening. That suggests that the area gets relatively dirty and there is a lot of produced waste every day. If you need help for everyday maintenance of your pub or restaurant or you need a one-time deep cleaning then you would be smart to use Vip Cleaning London. The company offers a monthly, weekly and daily subscriptions, competitive prices and great attention to detail and care for your business. This firm will clean your entertainment spot from top to bottom. It will:

  • Vacuum and mop the floors (if you have carpet flooring you might also take advantage of our Carpet Steam Clean service);
  • Empty all the waste from the dustbins;
  • Deep clean and disinfect all toilets;
  • Clean all the mirrors and glass features (windows, showcases etc.);
  • Wipe down and disinfect all bars, tables, counters, high chairs, bar stools, chairs and sofas (depending on the type of furniture you have you might want to ask about our Upholstery Cleaning service);
  • Dust and wipe down all light fixtures, doors and door frames;
  • Clean and polish of all racks, bookcases, countertops and bars;
  • Cleaning and arranging storage spaces;
  • Cleaning of corridors, hallways and internal staircases and their railings;
  • Disinfection of food trays;
  • Kitchen cleaning .

Not only will the company takes care of your business’s excellent hygiene but we will also do it in a time that is convenient for you. Depending on your judgement we will come before working hours, during or after closing. Vip Cleaning London will be available 24 hours a day. All you need to do is to inspect and inform the team of cleaners about the state of your entertainment spot, how dirty it is and if special attention and time will be needed. If you can not be objective then you can contact the firm to send an assessor. Once the place has cleaned your place once, every next time will be easier and less time consuming because there will be regular upkeep and Vip Cleaning London will not let your place get run down. Visit Daily Pub Cleaning

For whom the service is suitable

Бар, Кръчма, Механа, Бутилки, Ресторант, Алкохол, Очила

If you own a pub and you work with serving alcoholic beverages there might be a lot of spilling a lot of rubbish on the ground and maybe even broken glasses so call Vip Cleaning London after a busy Friday night when you will definitely need a more thorough cleanup. If you are a restaurant owner then you work with hot food, grease and sticky ingredients then after a few busy days with a lot of orders there will be some spilled food which will stain if not treated immediately, and you will also need a brand new clean kitchen- people like to dine out during the weekend time so we can prepare your restaurant for the busy days ahead and come and bring it back to life afterwards.

Vip Cleaning London can also visit your spot every day and do all the services above to maintain a spotless environment for your business. Call our operator and book our Pub or Restaurant Cleaning service to keep your customers pleased and always coming back.