Top 10 Creative Storage Solutions for Your Stuff | Domestic Cleaning Tips


Spending some time to figure out the smartest places to store your items will result in a cleaning time saved in future. Here are 10 creative ways to store your shoes, spices, excess cords and all kinds of computer stuff.

10. Make Your Shoes Float

There are many hanging/ sliding shoe storage solutions, but I suggest trying this DIY “floating” shoe rack which combines both convenience and look. If you are looking to hide the hanging hardware entirely out of sight then this slightly upgrade version is just what you need. The rack can be used to store all of your shoes – formal shoes, summer wear, work boots, running shoes, even those with minimal fashion sense – adding a little bit of creativity to your home décor.

9. Keep Your Cats and Their Necessities Hidden

Cats don’t require a lot of cares but they still need some stuff which takes up some space. With some creative litter box modification like one of those provided by IKEA you can turn a big cupboard, entryway shelves, under-sink space and any other furniture builds and storage bins into a nice and cozy place for your cat to do its “business”. In terms of entertainment, you can convert a bookcase into a cat tree , or make your cat extremely happy by creating a kitty chaise lounge using a cardboard box.

8. Get Your Bike Off the Floor

Biking has many benefits, from keeping us in good shape to saving money on fuel, but keeping a bike assembled in your home surely is not space-efficient. Using a few tension cables or this modification of IKEA storage pole will help you to create an inexpensive DIY bike mounts to store your bicycles.

7. Make Your Filing Cabinets Actually Useful

File cabinets often lose their purpose as a filing destination and turn into an unintended shelf space over time. With this filing system workflow you will be able to give your old documents order and purpose.

6. Declutter Your Spices and make Them Accessible

A well-organized spice cabinet with labeled jars of spices which you can easily access saves you time while cooking, and money on unnecessary purchases, as suggested by the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Then there are the minimalist, all-access shelves that you can easily make yourself.

5. Stash Your Headphones Without Tangled Wires

Whether your headphones are of the big-can type or the inner-ear one, you can keep them tangled and tucked neatly away by screwing a coat hook underneath your desk. For your earbuds, you will first need to learn the “devil’s horn” wrapping method .

4. Stash Your Peripheral When Not in Use

USB cables, USB headsets, and other sometimes necessary peripheral will clutter your workspace if there is nowhere to put it all. This IKEA-cabinet-turned-workspace provides a creative idea on how you can use the space between a flatscreen monitor and a wall to tuck away items so they are within reach but out of sight.

3. DIY Shelving

If you are looking for an original and attractive shelving to store your books, gear and other general stuff, you can try with this beautiful “Hungarian”square shelves, or this more-simple made DIY shelves.

2. Tuck Your Cords Away

We’ve already covered some methods you can use to tuck your cords away but with these 10 cable control tips you can be sure that there will be no cords littering your space at all.

1. Hide Your Cables in Plain Sight

Sometimes, there is no space to tuck your cords into but you shouldn’t despair. Consider something like a green cable “flower stem”, or similar cable-as-hanging-platform idea to creatively arrange your cables in plain sight.

Please feel free to share the most clever storage solution you’ve come across in the comments below.