Tips For Spring Cleaning | Domestic Cleaning Tips


Due to the fact that during the winter months people use extensively wood, oil, kerosene and wax, which leave greasy and dirty stains and spots all around the house, spring cleaning turns out to be quite indispensable and difficult as well. We could say that spring cleaning, in some way, resembles end of tenancy cleaning: it’s thorough and exhausting. Therefore, many people opt for professional cleaning, such  as the spring cleaning services in Norwood New Town.

First, make a list of the tasks you are going to perform during the cleaning. This way you have a plan and marking the finished tasks will give you a feeling of accomplishment. Begin with the kitchen. Empty the fridge and clean it. Cover the oven as well.

Change bedding and pillows in the bedroom and launder them. Put the winter clothes in the storage closet and bring to the front your spring and summer clothes. Make sure to launder the winter clothes before storing them.

In the bathroom put a half cup of baking soda into the sink and bath drains, then add a cup of white vinegar and finish by adding boiling water. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse the sink and bath drains.

In the laundry room sweep and vacuum behind the washing machines. Check the area for cracks and if needed repair them.

In the living room clean the furniture upholstery and dust the books and bookshelves. Dust the difficult places to reach with a duster. Take out everything from the closet.

Whatever you don’t need throw away or donate. The rest of your belongings put back in the closet. Wash the windows and the exterior of the front door. Clean the debris from rain gutters and sweep and hose off patio furniture.

Vacuum and wipe all the walls and ceilings. Launder the curtains. Polish the doors and window frames. Remove the cobwebs. Keep in mind that this is not a one day job. You have to make a good plan and split the tasks among the family members. You can postpone some of the minor tasks and concentrate on the important ones. If you do it well you’ll be content with what you have accomplished and you’ll live in a clean and fresh home.