Must Read Kitchen Cleaning Tips


If there is only one room in your house that should be kept clean at all times, it should be the kitchen. After all, this is where you will be preparing your foods. Daily deep cleaning of a kitchen is impossible and unnecessary as well. If you wish to keep your kitchen clean as much as you can, here are some must read kitchen cleaning tips that should be done on a daily basis.


Regardless of what material is used to create your sink– cat-iron, porcelain or stainless steel– it is a must that you wipe it out with the use of an all-purpose spray on a daily basis. You can create your very own DIY spray by mixing water with a mild dishwashing soap. This must be done after using it. Use a cloth to wipe the sink and use another dry soft cloth to dry the sink. When you do this, soap scum will be prevented. In addition to this daily cleaning, deep cleaning of the sink should be done every week.

Tips and Tricks:

When scrubbing your sink, avoid using scouring powders as these may cause damage to the sink. If your sink has spots that you wish to get rid of, opt for your very own stain removing paste. Mix one half cup powdered Borax with juice of ½ lime. Rub it on the stain then rinse.


Counter tops is the area where your food is prepared. Given the fact that it is a delicate area, it is a must that you clean it every after use. The best way to clean a kitchen countertop is to wipe it down using a spray made up of warm water with a mild liquid dish detergent. In order to avoid bacteria from growing in this area, it is must that you wipe it down with a dry cloth afterwards. Doing this will allow the countertop to be dried thoroughly.

Tips and Tricks:

If you wish to maintain the shine of your countertop, resealing should be done once or twice a year for countertops that are made of wood, natural stone and concrete.


Kitchen is a very sensitive area of the home. This is why you must keep it dirt-free and dust-free. One way you can do this is by mopping and vacuuming your kitchen on a daily basis. This will help you avoid dirt and dust from building up. In addition to that, doing this will help make deep-cleaning of your kitchen floor a lot easier. Deep cleaning of your floor should be done every week.

Tips and Tricks:

Place floor mats in the doors, sink and other places that have high foot traffic. In this way, you can get to reduce dirt.

Follow these simple kitchen cleaning tips for a cleaner kitchen!

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