Kitchen Cleaning | Domestic Cleaning Tips


If there is only one room in your house that should be kept clean at all times, it should be the kitchen. After all, this is where you will be preparing your foods. Daily deep cleaning of a kitchen is impossible and unnecessary as well. If you wish to keep your kitchen clean as much as you can, here are some must read kitchen cleaning tips that should be done on a daily basis.

Most of you probably spend hours cleaning the house and probably secretly dream of inventing some fast and efficient cleaning methods while they are doing that. Guess what – we know exactly how it feels. The truth is that there really are some tricks that can save you time, money and efforts and help you make your home a clean and healthy place.

The lime-scale that builds-up on the inside of a kettle over time not only looks terrible, but it also makes it harder for the metal to conduct heat, causing electricity waste. A heavily scaled kettle can burn out as well. So, if you are not into buying a new kettle, here are a few simple tips you can use to de-scale your current one with ease.

Most of us like sitting on the sofa and watching our favourite television shows when we are at home. The bad news is that we need to do house chores, unless we want our home to become dirty really quick. This article has collected all the hated cleaning chores.

Most cleaning requires simple solutions and a little “elbow grease”. Keep a stock of baking soda, white vinegar, cloudy ammonia and pure soap in your cupboard. These can be combined to make environmentally safe cleaners. With a little know-how you will soon be able to clean almost everything.

If your antique aluminium kitchen canisters, that date back to the previous century, are covered with dust and oil, and you are wondering how to bring their shine back, then you should read this post. If I have to be honest cleaning vintage aluminium surfaces is definitely not an easy thing to achieve. However, with the proper materials and techniques, the impossible can easily become possible.