Investigate Your Destination Before You Make a Decision to Move | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Some surprises are good, but not all are good! You should research the area that you plan on moving to. Sometimes you do not have a choice about where you are moving to. However, learning as much as you can prior to moving is wise. Take a week or weekend trip to this area if it is possible. Stay in a motel/hotel and speak to as many people that you can. Tell them that you are planning on moving to the area and ask them for their opinion of the area.

One of the most important things that you should buy, once you arrive at the area of interest, is a MAP! By looking at a map you can see where very populated and less populated areas are. You can locate parks, hospitals, and see where the interstates in the are travel, etc. Pick up newspapers, apartment guides, real estate magazines, and try to get business cards from everywhere that you stop, and keep them in your move folder. Get business cards from real estate agencies, storage centres, employment offices, medical centres, etc. Don’t forget to include and a rubbish clearance company in your deck of business cards. You may need them if there are some old furniture in your new premise to be removed. Try borrow or buy the yellow pages phone book from the area you are planning on moving to. You can purchase a yellow pages book through your phone company. Look for a customer service number inside your current yellow pages book. It is also a good idea to take your current yellow pages with you when you move.

If your company has give you a promotion and you must move, make sure that the cost of living in the new area does not cancel out your new pay increase. Investigate as much as you can about the cost of living!