Improve The Look of Your Home With Stylish Curtains | Domestic Cleaning Tips

When it comes to decorating a home, curtains provide the ideal finish to the décor of any room. With a wide array of materials, colors and styles available it can be quite difficult to come to a decision when selecting them for your home! A few factors that need to be borne in mind are:

Choice of colour

Perhaps this is one of the most crucial factors that has a major impact on the appearance of a home. Colours are known to have a psychological influence on the human mind and mood and even though red does attract attention and is emotionally powerful it might have a negative impact on your feelings. The best colours are those that exude tranquility and serenity like soothing green and blue. Remember the curtains must complement the furnishings. If you do not plan to redecorate, pastel colours or cream are safe bets. In case you want to spruce up a room then you can opt for bold colours with a striking design.

Selecting the right light levels

Your choice of curtains should be influenced by the functionality of the room. If the room is well ventilated with ample sources of natural light it will be beneficial, as it will make it appear larger besides saving on power consumption. The exception being the bedroom, where excess of natural light could hamper your sleep. Select curtains that have a blackout lining especially if the room faces east, as it will receive the full glare of the sun in the morning. They are also a good choice for offices or TV rooms where they serve to keep out excessive light.

The right finish

Once you have chosen the colour and settled for the fabric, you can then decide about the finish that will set it off. The curtain’s style will hinge on the manner in which you will hang them i.e. on a pole, a pelmet or rail. You can also decide about the style of pleat which could be triple pleats, goblet pleats, narrow pencil pleats or others. Other options that will enrich a curtain’s appearance are finials, tiebacks and window blinds to add warmth and privacy.

The benefit of going in for new curtains is that you need not spend a fortune on the interiors of your home by having it renovated or redecorated. You can improve the look considerably by investing in curtains of high quality fabric such as jacquard, damask, chenille, taffeta etc. It will certainly add to the ambience of your living room and give it a trendy look!

Of course when selecting curtains, ensure that you get an accurate measurement of the area over which it is to be hung to get an ideal fit.

Author: Melanie writes for Cheshire Curtains and Interiors, a curtains and interior design specialist in the UK.