Ideas for a Better Bathroom


When it comes to interior design, bathrooms are often neglected and treated as purely functional spaces, despite the fact that some people spend a considerable amount of time in there. Take a look at some of these better bathroom ideas you can experiment with to bring a new wave of life to a tired bathroom.

Pebble flooring

Have you ever wanted to wake up and feel as if you are taking your first steps across a pebble beach? In the morning you are more receptive to the surface beneath your feet than at any other time in the day. For many people pebble flooring is therapeutic, relaxing and stimulating. Bathroom slips are the cause of many household injuries. While flat floors are slippery and dangerous when wet, pebble floors provide a degree of grip to reduce the likelihood of a slip occurring.

Faux Views

Everyone wants a great view, but not all of us are blessed with awesome views from our bathroom windows. Faux window art or faux views are images that are behind glass, somewhere between an awesome view and a nice piece of realistic artwork. Some people will change these images on a regular basis to keep things interesting, or to tie into the current season.

Dynamic faux windows are available which automatically rotate through a series of images. If your bathroom window looks out onto a building site or onto a brick wall you may want to consider installing a more inspirational view.

Luxury Rugs

Slipping in the bathroom causes many accidents, so most bathrooms have a shower mat on the floor for safety reasons. If you want to create a luxurious feel in your bathroom then one easy way to do that is with a large rug.

Having a rug in your bathroom will bring warmth to the room and take away the simplicity that many modern bathrooms have. Obviously you need to be careful that the rug does not become damaged by water or toiletries, and for this reasons it may only be appropriate for larger bathrooms.

Horizontal Mirror

Introducing a horizontal mirror to your bathroom will help you if you have a relatively small bathroom that would benefit from appearing larger. The mirror reflects light and creates the illusion of space.

The horizontal mirror also appears much more stylish than a square mirror and adds depth to the bathroom.

Shower Enclosures

Shower curtains are great for keeping all that moisture inside the shower, but have you considered installing a shower enclosure that seals the shower off from the rest of the bathroom? This will reduce the amount of water splashing onto the floor creating slip hazards, and allows you to relax more in the shower without having to ensure the shower curtain is correctly tucked away.

Shower enclosures come in many different shapes to suit different sizes and shapes of showers and bathrooms. Ensure that you leave the shower enclosure open when you are finished as otherwise moisture can build up and cause dampness.

Tom Clark is a writer from the UK who offers advice on keeping your bathroom looking great. He writes on unblocking drains and preventing future blockages with simple tips that make big changes. After all, a beautiful bathroom is only a pleasure when it works.