How to Get Your House Cleaned After a Christmas Party? | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Christmas parties are amazing, but unless you are aware of how to deal with the mess afterwards, there you won’t be able to cope with the cleaning that follows. At least, not the way you would like. Quick and easy. If you have thrown a moderate to big Christmas party, chances are that you are going to end up cleaning the mess for days, unless you plan well. Here are some of the best DIY party cleaning tips that will let you clean your house up in no time at all!

Deal with the leftovers: Disposing of the food is rather easy, just make sure you gather all the food items in one large garbage bag (segregated waste is certainly one of those things London needs to get serious about)! The wine and drinks that are left in the bottle can just be reused, but if there is a lot of wine left over in the glasses, you don’t have to throw it away. You could always freeze them and use them for dishes that require wine for cooking.

Christmas tree debris: There is a chance that your Christmas tree has shed a lot of leaves, or the tinsel and the lights or the candy canes have fallen off. It might seem like tough work, but it makes sense for you to collect all the fallen tinsel and baubles and lights and store them aside for next year’s decoration. You could also reuse the candy canes in baking, if you are interested! The tinsel can be used for birthday decorations as well!

Christmas Tree: Once you have removed all the tinsel and the lights, you should dispose of the Christmas Tree. In fact, the moment you get rid of the Christmas Tree, your room will be much clearer and cleaner.

Repackaging the food: You will be able to keep the packaged food aside so that you can eat it for a few more days! If you want, you could carry on the Christmas spirit by giving away whatever food and wine is left to the local charity houses! After all, nothing says Christmas spirit like sharing.

Put away the gifts and the wrapping papers: You will not believe the amount of clutter and trouble gifts cause all over the place. You should open the gifts whenever you can; so that you can put them away. Make sure you keep the wrapping paper safe so you can use it for future gifts!

These are probably the most important after party cleaning tips you can get for this Christmas, because you get to reuse the things that you have already used. After all, that’s the best way you can do your bit to share the Christmas spirit! And if you are too tired to get past the cleaning yourself, just call a rubbish collection service that will quickly take care of not just cleaning your house, but also disposing of all those cans and pizza boxes left behind.