How to Clean Easter Egg Dye Off Your Hands – Domestic Cleaning Tips

It is a fact that dyeing the eggs is the best part of Eastern holidays. This is one of the moments when you can just get together with the people you care the most , spend time as a family and get creative by making unique Easter eggs designs. Unfortunately, decorating Easter eggs can be really messy activity, leaving egg dye marks on clothing and sometimes on your hands and other parts of your body. Depending on the dye content, removing egg dye from your skin can be really frustrating and tricky. Still, there are several household products that will help you handle this problem. Read on the following directions to learn how clean egg dye off your hands.

Clean Egg Dye Off Your Hands

Ingredients you will need:

  • ¬†soap
  • heavy-duty hand cleaner
  • toothpaste
  • brush (paintbrush, nail polish brush, make up brush)
  • several paper towels

Method #1: Soak your hands in a mixture of warm water and several drops of soap. Start scrubbing the dye traces off. In most of the cases that will be enough. Always try this before using additional methods to eliminate the marks.

Method #2: Seek for a soap specifically made for Easter egg dye or similar substances removal from hands. According to expert cleaners a great option is the heavy-duty hand cleaner. It is a very effective agent as it contains pumice. You just have to rub it along the affected areas, combining it with moisturizer that will keep your skin healthy and smooth.

Method #3: Use toothpaste. Apply some of it on the stained spots on your hands using a paintbrush, a nail polish brush, or your hand. Rub it into your skin, working in back and forth motion to loose the Easter egg dye marks. Proceed doing that until your hand seem freed from the coloration. Wipe your hands with paper towels to remove any remaining toothpaste or wet Easter egg dye.

As a final effort wash your hands with soap once more or repeat the whole process again if needed.

Inspired by Sarah O’Connor ,who can’t wait for Easter to come.