How to Clean Doormats and Keep Them This Way | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Is it normal for doormats to be dirty? This seems like an easy question and the answer is obvious. Although doormats are used to wipe your shoes through all kinds of weather, they still have to welcome your guests in. This calls upon some basic maintenance that you have to involve in your cleaning routine from time to time.
Doormats – The Entrance to Your Home

Granted, doormats are not made from materials to warrant special upholstery cleaning in general, it is imperative that you resort to some basic cleaning techniques to make sure that your home doesn’t look vile and uninviting from the outside. Doormats function as a teaser to what a person might find inside a house and a particularly dirty doormat may convince people that you are a slob. That’s not a very polite or true thing to think, but at the same time, you have only yourself to blame.

Cleaning Doormats

Now that we have established why you should always keep your doormat neat and tidy, let’s move on the specifics. How do you keep your doormat neat and tidy? That’s elementary. Find once a week some time to take your doormat somewhere away from your windows and beat the living shit out of it. I know it’s not very civil statement, but you have to apply significant force in order to dislodge the hard dirt deposits. Sometimes you will only need to bang the doormat against the wall, but you might find that rather messy to begin with, because of all the dirt and dust that will stick to you, so I for one recommend that you use a stick to get the most out of this procedure.

Keep Doormats Clean
Then you have to pick a fixed date monthly to vacuum your doormat. I, for one, use an attachment with lots of bristles so that I scrape off most of the particles. You need the powerful suction of a vacuum cleaner in order to make sure your doormat is cleaned properly. This will ensure that you preserve the pigmentation and fabrics new for a longer period of time. However, this method for dry cleaning is not quite effective in the long run. You’ll discover that you will need to wash a doormat to freshen it up a bit.

Washing the Doormats
Washing is not that complicated. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and most of the times you’re even allowed to hose it down (I did mention that doormats are a far cry from the delicate and delicate materials that need upholstery cleaning) and let it dry clean.