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A burnt pan could be a real torture to clean. What most people do to deal with the carbon residue is to soak the pan in soapy water for days, and hope the residue will come out easily afterwards.  However, even soaked for days, you may face a lot of difficulties cleaning the pan. Here, at Domestic Cleaning Tips, we would like to share a much easier, simpler and much more effective way to clean a burnt pan.

So, how to clean a burnt pan?

List of things you will need:

– a medium soft brush ( avoid using too soft or too rough brushes to clean pans. A brush with a medium softness will help you remove grease and dirt without damaging the pan’s surface).

– a bottle of dish washing solution (liquid cleaning solutions are great in dealing with grease and this is exactly what you need in this particular case).

– several spoons of baking soda

– a cleaning sponge (the best that you can have in terms of sponges are the double sided ones. They are good for more stubborn or more “light weight” stains.)

– rubber gloves (these are important because of the chemicals that are in the cleaning solutions, the hot water which will be used for the cleaning, and if you are a woman, not to damage your nails).

The cleaning process:

1. Pour some cleaning solution in the pan

2. Add several spoons of baking soda and fill with water

3. Put the pan on the cook and heat the water well. During the heating, the cleaning solution that you have prepared will react with the carbon residue and will loose it.

4. Once the water boils, take the pan off the cook, throw the water away and clean with the brush.

5. Put some more baking soda and clean with the abrasive side of the sponge.

If not like new, your pan should look much better now, and you should definitely be able to use it again.

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