How to Clean a Bird Cage | Domestic Cleaning Tips


People enjoy to have different pets for a company around the house. The most popular choices for domestic animals are usually dogs or cats, however many people prefer to keep birds in their homes as pets. But birds can leave quite the mess behind and cleaning after them is important not only to keep the house clean, but to improve the hygiene in the bird’s cage and improve the health of the feathered animals. There are few very useful tips that you should follow in order to learn how to clean a bird cage properly.

To keep the cage floor clean of food, bird droppings and feathers you should apply lining on the cage floor. Most people would rather use newspapers because there are easy to dispose off and don’t have to be washed or launder, they are simply thrown away. Keep in mind that the cage lining should be changed every day and replaced with new one. In order to avoid changing the cage lining repeatedly, you should simply lay down several layer of newspapers on the cage floor and remove the top layer each day. According to cleaners Charlton you can save a lot of time and effort cleaning after the birds.

To keep your birds healthy they should be offered clean water and seeds from clean dishes every day. Clean the dishes in which you serve water and seeds to your birds. The most harmless solution is to clean the bird cage dishes with soap water and then rinsing it to remove any soap residue. Also make sure that the dishes are dry before you pour seeds inside them or otherwise they might get damped and mold might start growing.

Disinfecting the bird cage is very important if you want to keep the feathered animals healthy. Disinfect the cage to avoid any contamination caused by bird’s dropping. Avoid¬†using normal household cleaners, because the animals might be sensitive to them, instead use eco-friendly cleaners and disinfectants. Disinfect the bird cage at least once every month.