How to clean after home renovation

You have decided it was high time to make that long overdue, postponed renovation in your home or office. This is a great but also demanding and engaging action that will cost you planning, money and decision making – overall an emotional change that will keep you occupied for days. The thing is that it doesn’t end with the renovation being finished. As expected after a big remodel, there is the question of cleaning up which is a lot more than just a sweep and mop. Builders and renovators don’t bother themselves with preserving the cleanliness in your location as this isn’t part of their services. Their job is to reconstruct and go and that is why you need a professional cleaning company to take care of that mess that is left behind.

Cleaning Day London – your reliable and trusted partner

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home renovation

Cleaning Day London offers a big variety of services and they specialize in deep after builders cleaning and not only. Hiring professionals would guarantee you that you will get no compromise with quality and time, instead of trying to pick up the dirt and construction remains yourself and ending up with average results and more thorough cleaning required. Considering that you are remodeling or reconstructing your home or office it’s expected that you have a hectic and busy schedule, so Cleaning Day provides you with flexible work hours and possibilities for booking an appointment most suitable for you.

All of us have had the need to do small installations, removals and minor reconstructions and we have seen how builders do their job. The most important thing for them is to make the necessary changes and leave the site. It Is not part of their job to clean up after themselves or be careful with making a mess. They come in with their work clothes and shoes and if they are making a more global reconstruction there is a lot of residue, fallout and materials left on the ground. That is why most people make plans to hire a cleaning company after their handymen have done their job, because they know the state that the area would be in.

What are the services offered

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Cleaning Day offers you a very extensive after builders cleaning service which includes anything you might need taken care of. You can also customize this service by choosing exactly what you want and adjusting the price accordingly. The package can include:

  • Tiles and grout scrubbing;
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning;
  • Window cleaning ;
  • Steam cleaning;
  • Patio and outdoor cleaning;
  • High pressure washing;
  • High walls cleaning.

Any special requirements or needs you have can be discussed with the company beforehand and also a free initial inspection can be made to determine what is needed and how much time it would take to perform the service. If you need the cleaning team to come in on a short notice this is one of the few companies that can arrange a same – day visit. They comply with all requirements for working on a building site and have all the needed permissions and qualifications.

The years of experience and professional equipment they use especially for highly rundown spaces will ensure that you get excellent quality. Every team that is dispatched to your home or work place is highly trained and specializes in the field. Furthermore, there is always at least one supervisor sent in with the team to observe the course of work and ready to communicate any issues or questions with the customer. All these steps ensure a smooth and problem – free process to fulfill all the client’s needs. Cleaning Day works around the clock, 7 days a week and can be reached at any time to book your after builders cleaning appointment so don’t hesitate to call them and see for yourself.