Get Your House Clean for Christmas in Less than Half an Hour | Domestic Cleaning Tips

The holiday season can be terrifying for people who love keeping their house clean. Guests feel free to visit, you have to make sure that the house can be cleaned at a moment’s notice! Oh, well, not a moment’s notice- around 15-20 minutes of notice, but that is certainly not shabby! So, here are five useful tips on how to get your house clean for Christmas in less than half an hour.

#1 Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the center of attraction and it is entirely up to you to make it look perfect right before the guest comes. Just rearrange the tinsel that has been knocked around a bit, add some more tinsel to cover the bare patches and just make sure you smooth out the tree skirt. This will take about 1 to 2 minutes, depending on how much you want to decorate the tree.

#2  Hand vacuum

You might not have the time to actually vacuum the entire house, but if you have a hand vacuum, your work is easier. You can pick out all the visible and more intrusive debris- such as cookie crumbs, pet hair, sprinkled food, stray bits of tinsel, pine needles from the tree, dirty specks, etc. You could also move the Christmas cards into a more private spot- it’s really not something the guest would love to see! This would take a maximum of 3 to 4 minutes if you just focus on the areas the guest is going to go to.

#3  Clean up the bathroom

Of course, the guest might spend most of their time in the sitting room or the living room, but in the Bromley cold, especially if they have driven up to meet you in the crazy Christmas traffic, there is a high chance they might have to use the restroom. It’s easy for you to clean the restroom as well. Take an old loofah or a sponge, do use some hand wash or bath wash in it and scrub the sink, the bathtub and the toilet seat. Make sure there are fresh towels in the bathroom and do make sure there is enough toilet paper. Remove any of your makeup or toothbrushes lying around as well. This should take about 2-3 minutes.

#4  Remove the trash

There is nothing more unsightly than trash lying around in a person’s house. Even if the trash container is not entirely full, just empty it anyway. An empty can is certainly better than a pile of debris, especially when you have people over. Focus more on the cans that are more visible- such as the trash cans in the bathrooms, bedrooms or any other place the guest might actually go to. Trash removal should take about one to two minutes, depending on how many trash cans you have to clean.

#5  Small touches

There are some small touches you could do to make the house look and feel better. Simply close the doors that you don’t want your guests peeping into. This will save you from the trouble of cleaning up the rooms as well. Before they come, just lay out some holiday cookies, and light a nice, scented candle, so that your house smells amazing as well. And once you’re done with that, you would have cleaned your house in less than 15 minutes!