Gender Dominated Issues in Society About the Division in Household Chores | Domestic Cleaning Tips

After millions of years of evolution women are still treated like they are a bit behind men, like they cannot deal with things as efficient as men do, especially in stressful situations. In fact the truth is that people are afraid to admit that there are things that men do better than women but at the same time there are also way too many things in which women show higher performance than men.Take the household duties, for example.

Women Clean Better???

Why do you think that 90% of the employees of most cleaners Edgeware Road agencies are female? It is definitely not because customers find women more appealing, they have just proved to be better in housekeeping and housecleaning than men. Males have to face the fact that when it comes to keeping the house in a good condition and taking care of the family females outperform males. This is to a great extent the reason why if a couple got divorced the custody of the children was usually adjudicated to the mother. Men, on the other hand, are stronger and have a more analytical type of thought, which makes them better in doing the handyman’s work, moving things around the house and calculating with a perfect accuracy the amount of tiles that will be necessary to cover the kitchen floor when doing repair works around the house.

The Role of Both Genders?

It turns out, eventually, that both males and females have a vital role to keep their home and family well, the only problem is that democracy is still a taboo word in some old-fashioned parentages. When it comes to housework cleaners Edmonton advises you to share the work equally letting everybody to do what they can do best, complementing the work of the other. Gender should not be a noun that separates humans but a noun that bonds men and women
into one piece.