End of tenancy cleaning services in London

Dear readers we got a lot of mail that you want to know a little bit more about this cleaning service – end of tenancy.

Well first of all this service is for landlords or tenants that want and require full specter of cleaning of their property. If you are the one that is leaving (tenant) you want to make sure that your ex-home is in a perfect cleaning view. Why? – because you will not receive your money back, your deposit money. Your Landlord can hold the deposit if you do not do this and most of the time they do this unpleasant thing…

If you are Landlord, you probably have been left with your property not cleaned as properly as it had to be. You need to hire a team of experts to clean and use even deep cleaning service sometimes. You cannot rent out dirty property and you know it. So you need end of tenancy cleaning.

No matter if you are a landlord or tenant you need this service and this service is one of the most popular not only in London, but also in all cities that have high population and the real estate is expensive – that force a lot of people to rent not to own.

What is the things that are included in this service?

  • Dust out the hole property
  • Remove all of the cobwebs
  • Vacuuming all the furnishings
  • Clean the kitchen – including fridge, oven and so on.
  • Clean the bath and all the accessory there
  • Clean the windows inside and outside
  • Polish the sink and toilets.

Depends of the company you hire there will be minor things added or remove to this list, we are reviewing almost all of the cleaning companies in London and soon we will rate them one by one.

End of tenancy is the most commonly used and useful service in terms of cleaning in UK. Most of the firms are extremely polish and highly professional in this kind of service. We want to warn you only for one thing – there are sites that does not have cleaning teams in place, just collecting leads and sell to the actual cleaning companies. Stay away from those, seek the cleaning company that are actual company with team and so on. Do not pay more to those lead generation sites.

Stay tunned for more of end ot tenancy topic.

All best!