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Separate waste collection has been around for years and yet, I still encounter people who do not do this, even though it’s beneficial for the entire world. Yes, it’s easier to put no thought when throwing out your rubbish and lump it all together, but you’re not doing anyone any favours. Separate collection isn’t something trendy people to make sure they’re better than do so please don’t treat it with the same disdain. I’ll lay down the basics as to why you should convert to separate collection.

Half of Britons claim not to waste food but in fact as a nation we dissipate millions of tonnes of food and drink a year. In 2011, WRAP estimated that the total amount of food waste generated each year in the UK is nearly 15 million tonnes – with more than half coming from our homes, and a large portion of this could have been eaten. And while some people may think throwing food away doesn’t cost much, the fact is that food waste is expensive – average £572 worth of food and drink is thrown away every year.

We have all heard a thousand reasons why we should recycle our cans. For some it is the traditional do your bit mentality that says we should avoid throwing valuable metal (and plastics, glass, paper and so forth) into great pits in the ground, which invariably turn England’s green and pleasant fields of clover and dormice into fetid swamps of brown-grey waste, steaming with toxicity and daring any bird or hedgerow animal to nest nearby, lest they give birth to still of deformed offspring.

Everyday before you go to work you pick up the trash and throw it in the dumpster. This is a routine that is performed on a daily basis. Although the reality is different when it comes to the cleaning after a home improvement project or a thorough cleaning of the whole house after a substantial amount of time in which it was neglected.

Steam mop cleaners may fail to excite the average homeowner at first glance but once tried they quickly take the place of preferable house cleaning solution. Without the use of harmful chemicals – just water, your home will become an example of cleanliness. What’s not to love or crave!

Are you sick and tired of the harsh cleaners you use when you clean? Do you want to achieve the same good results, but in a less chemical way? If your answer us “yes” , then you are reading the right article. As it’s already proven cleaning detergents can be very dangerous to work with. They can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions and are also one of the main causes of environment pollution. In addition, such products are not cheap at all.