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Christmas parties are amazing, but unless you are aware of how to deal with the mess afterwards, there you won’t be able to cope with the cleaning that follows. At least, not the way you would like. Quick and easy. If you have thrown a moderate to big Christmas party, chances are that you are going to end up cleaning the mess for days, unless you plan well. Here are some of the best DIY party cleaning tips that will let you clean your house up in no time at all!

Though snow might seem light, it can do a lot of damage to a plant when accumulated. Some plants, like evergreen ones, never renew their leaves, and they could get severe damage during a snowfall if not protected properly. But how can you protect your plants from the damaging slush?

When it comes to decorating a home, curtains provide the ideal finish to the décor of any room. With a wide array of materials, colors and styles available it can be quite difficult to come to a decision when selecting them for your home! A few factors that need to be borne in mind are:

The holiday season can be terrifying for people who love keeping their house clean. Guests feel free to visit, you have to make sure that the house can be cleaned at a moment’s notice! Oh, well, not a moment’s notice- around 15-20 minutes of notice, but that is certainly not shabby! So, here are five useful tips on how to get your house clean for Christmas in less than half an hour.

Many people are filled with the festive spirit as soon as the Pumpkins are chucked out from Halloween and can’t wait to get the tree up, hit the shops for presents and blare out the Christmas songs. For others, the festive period is synonymous with worry as the thought of opening up the household to visitors fills them with dread. Preparing a home for the Christmas onslaught can seem daunting, but with a little bit of preparation and a few savvy investments, you can open your front door to visitors with pride.

If there is only one room in your house that should be kept clean at all times, it should be the kitchen. After all, this is where you will be preparing your foods. Daily deep cleaning of a kitchen is impossible and unnecessary as well. If you wish to keep your kitchen clean as much as you can, here are some must read kitchen cleaning tips that should be done on a daily basis.

Half of Britons claim not to waste food but in fact as a nation we dissipate millions of tonnes of food and drink a year. In 2011, WRAP estimated that the total amount of food waste generated each year in the UK is nearly 15 million tonnes – with more than half coming from our homes, and a large portion of this could have been eaten. And while some people may think throwing food away doesn’t cost much, the fact is that food waste is expensive – average £572 worth of food and drink is thrown away every year.

Ahhh…Halloween! What can I say? With all these candy, costumes and props associated with the holiday, Halloween is certainly one of the most funny, interesting and exciting days of the year. However, decorating for Halloween could turn into a really expensive initiative if not being careful. These homemade Halloween decoration ideas can help dress up your house for the holiday easily and inexpensively but without looking cheap.

When your home has been ravaged by fire, you may go through a wrenching and distressing experience. Even a small fire can cause extensive damage in your home. When most people think about fire, they only think about the property that has been damaged by the flames. However, there is more to fire damage than just property loss: it also causes smoke damage which is a serious issue. This article talks about smoke damage: a complete guide on how to clean it.

Metal furniture has one major problem- it gets rusty over time. And while rust may look cool on some items, on other it looks rather unpleasant. So, the real question with metal furniture is: Is it worth refinishing? And if the answer is yes, how much will it cost in time and effort?