Design Ideas for Small Gardens – Domestic Cleaning Tips


A lot of people in London desire to have their own gardens, but very few of them have this opportunity. In an urbanised city like the British capital, it is very hard to find space for flowers or crops. There are gardening experts, which have thought of a solution for this problem, and can help everyone, who wants to have a beautiful landscape.

Here are a few interesting ideas on how to improve the floral looks of your home:

A garden on the rooftop

Rooftop gardens are a great solution for people, who live in a flat. They are a little hard for building and maintenance, though. One must do a research and a consultation with local building departments and other authorities, and spend a lot of money for this luxury. The good thing about these gardens is that they not only make a building more beautiful, but also isolate it from bad weather conditions. If you hire a good garden designer to project and build it for you, though, it can be your little piece of heaven.

A table for two

If you have a really small yard, you can place a small table for two in it. Arrange pots with different types of flowers around it and put a lantern on the wall, and this will be the most romantic place on Earth. You will certainly build good memories at this spot.

Go up

If your garden is very small, don’t try to widen it, but do your best to heighten it. Install a trellis or an arbour and plant trailing or climbing flowers and plants. Your yard and house will look beautifully if you decorate them with such a construction. Moreover, your home will be surrounded by more fresh air.

Plant in pots

If you don’t have a big yard, you can plant flowers, herbs and crops in pots. This is the easiest way to create a garden, and is very good in my opinion. Moreover, you can maintain this type of garden all year long, as you can bring the pots inside your house in winter. They will freshen the air, and will improve the healthiness of your living environment.

Do you like these ideas? Well, contact some professional gardener from London and he will tell you if it is possible to realize them in your place.