Cleaning Paint From Your Carpet | Domestic Cleaning Tips

A paint spill on the living room carpet can really ruin your day. Luckily nowadays paint stains can be removed and in this article we offer at your attention some tips on how you can protect your carpet from paint stains.

1. Cleaning the paint spill immediately

To clean big quantities of wet paint from your carpet, use a vacuum. The most important thing is to keep the spill wet until you suck up all the paint. To achieve that you will have to periodically rewet the spill. Be patient as the process is time consuming. Never rush into rubbing, as you will force the paint down into the carpet fibers.

If during the painting some wet drips fall on the carpet, use a soaked absorbent rag to blot the drops. Use as many rags as needed, and remember to never scrub the paint.

2. Cleaning dried latex paint

If the paint on the carpet is relatively fresh, saturate it with hot water and cover the stain with a cloth for five to ten minutes. The hot water will soften the paint which will make it easier to blot and remove. Repeat the procedure as many times as needed.

On the other hand if the paint is solid dry, try a paint removing products. These cleaning products typically contain a high level of acetone or alcohol. Their usage is only advisable in well-ventilated rooms, due to the fact that the fumes are both highly toxic and inflammable. Before applying a paint-remover test it on a hidden area of the carpet.

In our opinion the best way to deal with paint stains is to hire professional cleaners after you are done painting. The carpet cleaners will conduct a full and detailed deep cleaning process. In terms of end of tenancy cleaning, Queens Park has many firms that are fully capable in removing paint stains.

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