Canvas Sneakers Cleaning Tips | Domestic Cleaning Tips


Sneakers are a very popular type of shoes. Many people prefer to wear them, because of the comfortability, they provide and the variety of looks. No matter what kind the shoe is, or from what material it’s made from, if wearing a pair every day, it will get dirty. Canvas sneakers are made to be easy to clean. If you have a pair of those, you can definitely benefit from some canvas sneakers cleaning tips.

Cleaning canvas sneakers is easy. First, you must pat them together, so that some of the dirt can fall off. Take the laces out of your shoes, They will be cleaned separately. Put your sneakers under warm running water to get them wet. Mix water with some mild liquid soap. Cleaners Charlton recommend using an old toothbrush to apply it on the outside of your sneakers. Prepare a different cleaning product for the inside by mixing one tablespoon baking soda with water. This will remove unpleasant odours. Once finished, rinse with water.

When dealing with stains, you have to apply a non-bleaching stain remover. Wash shoe laces separately by hand or in your washing machine. If they’re white, you can soak them in bleach for a sparkling white colour after.

In case your sneakers have leather parts, clean those with an appropriate cleaner. Once finished with the cleaning, fill the inside of the shoes with paper, to preserve their natural shape. Do not use newspaper for that matter, because the ink will stain your shoes. Allow the canvas sneakers to air dry naturally. Drying in direct sunlight can cause yellowing of white coloured shoes.

Those were our canvas shoes cleaning tips, which will help you restore your favourite pair’s original look and you’ll be able to enjoy them longer.