5 Basic Steps to Declutter Your Home

First I’d like to start by saying you are going to need to have PATIENCE here. Think of how long it took for you to accumulate your clutter. I can guarantee it didn’t magically appear overnight!

So don’t expect it to ‘magically’ disappear either. Decide whether you are best to set a large chunk of time, likely days, to get it all done, or whether you are better breaking it up into small and manageable sections and spread it over a longer period of time. Make sense?

Move One

Pick a room you want to clear out first. Maybe the one that bothers you the most is a great place to start. This is likely the spot you frequent most, the kitchen or living room?

Move Two

Now this is the hard part. It is time to decide what you really need and what’s just taking up space. Is it essential you have twenty-five place settings, 3 blenders and 5 rice cookers? No, it is not. BUT, don’t just store them away in the basement because that’s not getting rid of your clutter, just redistributing it! And that’s not allowed!

You actually need to remove it from the house. You can sell the stuff, give it to friends, donate it to charity, or take it to the dump if all else fails. Whatever you do DON’T leave it in your house!

Move Three

Stay focused please! Do not leave the room until the job is done. There are just too many things to get you side-tracked, making the job longer and harder to get done.

Move Four

After getting rid of clutter make sure you organize. The pillows for the couch don’t belong in the kitchen and cups don’t have a place in the television room. You get the idea.

Move Five

Repeat. Now the idea her folks is not to get overwhelmed. You know your limitations and if you are exhausted after clearing out your fist room, take a break. Go get a bite to eat or chill out with a beer. Do something that makes you happy and doesn’t require too much energy before you start the next room.

Believe it or not this process can be rewarding and even a tad it enjoyable if you play your cards right.

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This is the skeletal basic of getting your dwelling in order. Think of it as a starting point, one from which you are going to work on developing, okay? This is a learning process so allow yourself a few screw-ups to figure out what works for you.

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