10 Moments Where Trash Made Us Laugh | Domestic Cleaning Tips


We’ve seen all kinds of funny photos and video clips floating around the Internet, but how many of them involve trash? Here are 10 of the funniest and most interesting trash related moments presented to you as gifs.

1. The end of the trash bin basketball game…

Those Asians and their technology. They certainly know how to ruin a game. Imagine all of your paper balls going straight into the bin after a throw. Oh wait… That is quite fun.

2. A dumpster less to empty for the rubbish collectors in the morning

Great work Winnie!

3. Relax, Take It Easy

Be careful with that guy, or your mailbox could be next!

4. Trash? Well, wouldn’t say so…

5. Who says rubbish removal was boring…

I’m pretty sure my kid’s dream is to become a garbage man now after seeing this.

6.  Everybody is more or less a rebel, but what about this guy?

A real rebellion leader, don’t you think?

7. Get back to the trash bin, or this kitty will kick your a**

Even Mike Tyson would envy to the punches of that kitty.

8. I feel like a trash

For those who don’t know, this is Maru. Maru is a cat (obviously), or more precisely, a very popular cat on Youtube. He is famous for never giving up entering a box no matter how small it is. Check out some of the Maru’s best performances at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XID_W4neJo.

9. The revenge of the dumpster

A performance deserving a place… in the garbage!

10. …Ouch!!!

I really pray the guy is OK.

Finally, I would like to thanks to Rubbish Begone without whom this post wouldn’t exist. Hope you had a great time reading it, now…

Go back to work!