А Feng Shui Balanced Home | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Feng Shui

The Feng Shui philosophy is becoming more and more popular when it comes to interior designs. If you like the idea of having balance in your home according to the eastern beliefs here are some tips which will aid you arrange your according to the special Feng Shui commandments.

The bedroom:
Remove items which can disrupt your sleep such as TV, stereo sets, personal computers and etc. Next make sure that the space under your bed is always de-cluttered because according to Feng Shui the Chi won’t t be able to circulate freely if the space under your bed is crammed. Each morning open up your windows and let the sunlight and fresh air enter the room. When you are selecting the right spot for your bed make sure to place it in a manner that your feet will face north and your head – south.

The living room:

Arrange your seating area in a semicircular pattern to allow a positive energy flow in the room. Also make sure that the furniture layout is balanced. To boost the energy levels of the room decorate with various plants.

The bathroom:
Use relaxing colors such as light yellow, blue, green or lavender. According to Feng Shui these colors will aid your body relax more efficiently. Install an exhaust fan to refresh the air and keep the Chi circulating. Every now and then purify the air by burning herb pots which contain lavender, sage or rosemary.

The remaining areas:
Make sure that nothing blocks the doors and that your house is always clean and clutter free. According to Feng Shui this will allow positive energy to move freely throughout your household. To aid you with the maintenance your can hire a company that offers rubbish removal services to take care of the trash for you. You can find the best contractors by reading the junk removal section in the yellow pages or local newspapers.