What Is That Smell ? – Ask Without A Frown And Make Your House Smell Fresh At All Times! | Domestic Cleaning Tips


We have all been in situations involving a guest and a messed up house. These are times that require quick thinking. You can get rid of the stuff that lies around randomly, but our houses sometimes have some things that are nasty enough to not budge. I am talking about house smells. When guests arrive, you want the house to smell welcoming and fresh.  With weekends being a legitimate excuse, no one can blame you for creating a mess. However, here’s what you can do to get rid of nasty house smells.

Vent it out

The conspicuous by its absence AC vent is a major reason behind the stink in any house. It requires cleaning regularly. Clean the vents and change AC filters at regular intervals to get rid of the smell. If you find yourself in a situation that requires a temporary yet quick solution, you can take help of dryer sheets. Place dryer sheets in the AC vent and it will do the work of absorbing the stink and not letting it out. However, remember that it is just a temporary solution.

Clean it up

We refuse to believe it, but the dirt and mess are a possible reason behind the smell that’s disturbing your nose. The insides of the fridge, gone bad veggies, unclean garbage bins, etc. are possible breeders of awful smells.  A bowl of vinegar will do the trick to get the insides of your fridge sparkling again and pouring it down the drain will clear if there are any blockages. Also, ransack the insides of your fridge regularly. You might just find food that isn’t supposed to be green, but is so. Throw away any outdated and rotten food.

Problem socks

We have faced it or are the reason behind it. Smelly socks can stink up the entire place like very few things can. The nauseous smell has the ability to make you retch and being the owner of stinking socks can be really embarrassing. If the stubborn smell refuses to go away even after a wash, dip them in water mixed with vinegar. Vinegar has such properties that can take care of the smell. Wring them out after this and air will do the remaining work. The same procedure applies to towels as well.

Bathroom issues

The bathroom is the place where all the dirty work happens and the dirty work often leaves behind an awful smell. You can resort to as many over the counter smell absorbent as you want, but after some time everything will not be as effective. To battle this stench, take the help of the veteran vinegar. Place a bowl of vinegar and let it sit for a while. Vinegar has the ability to absorb the bad odours. After a while, clean and flush as usual. You will have a fresh smelling bathroom again.

Last, but not the least, bathe. I can’t stress this too much, but if you are not clean then even a sparkling environment will seem dirty and messy. So let’s just say, along with goodness and charity, cleanliness too begins with you!

Angel Carmichael is currently working with Airepure Australia, a company specializing in air filtration and odour control. In her free time, she likes to go camping and she is also a huge rugby fan.