Stick to the Lips: Lipstick Cleaning Tips (Part 2) | Domestic Cleaning Tips

In part one we mentioned some useful cleaning tips, which will help you remove lipstick marks from clothes. Now we will inform you about the other uncommon tricks, you can use for cleaning lipstick.

As we continue with the products, which can clean lipstick stains, we must confess, they are getting more weird, one after the other. The important thing is that they are tried and proven by cleaning professionals, so don’t hesitate to try them out.

Toothpaste is the one, relatively strange thing to use when dealing with lipstick marks on clothes. If you decide to clean with toothpaste, you should be aware, that the results depend on the fabric you are trying to save. If it’s too delicate, better don’t do it. Why? You will find out now. In order to clean lipstick stains with toothpaste, you must apply a non-gel one on the mark and rub the fabric hard, with a lot of elbow grease and rinse with water when finished. As you can imagine, delicate fabrics will be ruined if treated this way, and the procedure might need to be repeated, which can cause further damages to thin fibres.

Enough about clothes, lipstick stains can be seen on glassware very often and sometimes even dish washing machines can’t help us get remove those stains. In these situations, use salt. Lipstick has ingredients in it, called emollients. They are designed to make the beauty product to stick to your lips. The bad news here are, it also sticks on glass, because of the emollients. Salt will definitely ease up the cleaning. Just rub it on the stained edges and you can kiss lipstick stains goodbye.