Slip-a for Your Footwear, Slip-a for Your Everywhere | Domestic Cleaning Tips


What you see in the picture above is an accessory for your footwear, but more importantly for your floors. No matter what the material your floors might be made out of, cleaning them on a daily basis can result in a fast wear and tear. If you have spent a lot of money on said floors, preservation comes to mind when you’re faced with such a choice. To clean or not to clean? Although a funny question, it becomes a real dilemma with expensive consequences.

This is where the slip-a design comes in and eliminated the question altogether, because with it in your home, your floors will need infrequent cleaning. So, what is a slip-a? It’s a lay-flat design, which you use as a matt for your dirty shoes, boots and slippers. The slip-a doesn’t allow you track mud or dirt, which makes it a real comfort to have during the cold, wet seasons. Once you have taken off your boots, you pull on the draw strings and the matt becomes a bag, which hold the offending pair without letting out a single particle of dirt escape.

Simple as that.