How to Remove Chewing Gum Stains at the End of Tenancy | Domestic Cleaning Tips

Have you ever had to remove chewing gum stains from your upholsteries and carpets? Do you know any smart and effective method, or you use the old-school pulling and cutting? Do you want to learn a few cleaning techniques for chewing gum removal? Don’t stop reading then.

A chewing gum on the carpet or on any of the upholstery pieces of furniture can cause you a lot of problems in the end of your tenancy period, especially if you have never faced this issue before and don’t know how to manage it. It is a real hassle, but the gum has to be removed if you want your security deposit back.

So, here are a few tips from one of the end of tenancy cleaners London on how to remove chewing gum from rugs and upholstery:

  • On the Internet, there are lots of articles which tell you to use a hair dryer to melt the gum, and to pull and cut pieces of it until you remove it all. This method is not effective at all and takes a lot of time. Moreover, you might make things worse and spread the chewing gum. The technique with the peanut butter is also ineffective, because the butter might leave stains on your furniture.
  • There is a cleaning method which tells you to freeze the chewing gum with an ice cube and to cut pieces of it with scissors. This method works well, although it takes a lot of time and you must not get nervous. You have to be very patient and careful, as you might cut the fabrics otherwise.
  • The easiest way to manage this problem¬†is with an iron. You have to heat up the appliance and place a piece of paper on the spot. Iron the paper and the chewing gum will transfer on it.

The problem with chewing gum stains can get very serious, so be very careful when dealing with it.