How to Give Your Guests a Hotel Experience in Your Home – Domestic Cleaning Tips

If you have stayed in a four or five star hotel before, you will know all about the high standards of decoration, service and cleanliness that are associated with them. It is something that you expect as soon as you enter in through the lobby, and if it doesn’t reach the levels you anticipate, it will be something you notice very quickly. However you don’t always have control over things like cleanliness when you are staying somewhere else, but it is something you can consider in your own home.

That is why it is nice to really make the effort when you have guests over to stay. Whether they are coming for one night or for longer than a week, you can make a huge difference to the quality of their visit with you. So if you are looking to give your guests a hotel experience in your home, here are a few handy tips to keep in mind…

Do a deep clean

You probably already have a routine that you follow when you clean your home, but you might want to go a little further than this if you are trying to achieve a really hygienic environment for your guests. Hotels have the benefit of products that help to keep a room clean (check out the Cannon Hygiene site to see what I mean) but us homeowners depend on other techniques. It’s a case of using bleach and disinfectant to kill germs, and relying on other cleaning products to achieve a winning shine.

Use the nice linen

Getting out of the shower and using a scratchy old towel is never fun, so avoid inflicting this on your guests. Many people choose to have a spare set of towels and sheets in their airing cupboards that are only taken out when guests are staying. This is ideal as it improves the longevity of the items, as well as being something a bit special for guests to enjoy. It is up to you what sort of price you pay for sheets and towels, but it is something worth considering when you get the chance.

Provide homely touches

A guest bedroom is traditionally quite basic to allow your visitors enough space to move around and unpack, but it can be nice to throw in a few homely touches too. Whether this is art work or tea and coffee making facilities, it is just a simple way of letting your guests know that they should feel comfortable within your home.

Offer food and drink

Finally, you will need to be able to play the gracious host role, even if you aren’t in the mood. Hotels are used to dealing with customers day in and day out, but it might not come as naturally to you. It’s important to remember how you would like to be greeted and treated, so offer plenty of food and drinks to your guests. It is also good manners to ask what time they would like breakfast as your visitors could otherwise feel awkward if they don’t know what time to get out of bed in the morning.