How to Clean Books and Pictures | Domestic Cleaning Tips


In some houses there are quite a lot of books on the shelves and this is a good thing. However, when something bad like fire happens, the books are one of the things around the house that bare most of the damage. So, is there a way to deal with the smell and the bad look of the burned books? Well, fortunately, there is.

How to clean books and pictures?

The first thing to do, even though it is not that pleasant, is to see which books are damaged too bad and if there are such, throw them away. Usually, we do not have books that have some historical value, so if your books are just ordinary and some of them are badly burned, throw them away better. On the other hand, if there are examples that can be saved after the burning, here is what you will need:

– a clean dry sponge

– a vacuum cleaner with special HEPA filter

– gloves

– rubber

The cleaning in steps, according to professionals like the cleaners in Angel:

Free a decent area on your desk in order to make the cleaning easier and actually possible.

Put the gloves on in order not to touch the books with oily hands. This same trick is used by people who clean and restore old, antique books,. The main idea behind this procedure is that we all have some bacteria on our hands, no matter how well we clean them. Our hands are also oily and whit all that, touching the book with bare hands may lead to some damages.

Grab the sponge and clean very softly the covers of the book. Do not apply too much pressure because this may damage it. You also need to pay some attention to the sides of the book and the first page and the last one too. These are the places where the most of the smoke usually goes.

Despite all that effort, some stains and spots may still be visible and with the help of a small rubber, they can be removed. the key factor here is the direction of the movement of the rubber. It has to go from the inside out. This way the sheets will not be damaged.

Unfortunately, if such thing as fire happen to you, the books will be just a small fraction of the whole cleaning procedure that will have to be done. In such case, the easiest way to deal with the situation is by hiring professional cleaners like the one here. They know well how and what should be cleaned, where the thin moments are and how important the high speed of the cleaning is, so they will surely do their best.

Therefore, if you want your books and home well cleaned after a fire, these tips should make the whole procedure a single idea easier for you.