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Posted by Brandy Mason in Bathroom Cleaning, Property Managment

Although you like the bathroom you make for your guests, you need to add a little spirit and style to it. However, you have a limit of your budget and you don’t know how to achieve the results you are looking for. Probably you don’t know that only with some small changes you can spruce the bathroom up and turn it into a welcoming space for your guests. You can be sure the following ideas are inexpensive and only will take a little from your free time.

When rearranging your guest bathroom, start with the mirrors. It’s a great idea coming from domestic cleaning London services to make beautiful frames to the mirrors – you can paint them in a colour you prefer and corresponds well with the whole appearance of the bathroom. Another tip is to put a no fog mirror in the area with the shower.

Continue with replacing some items in your bathroom. You can buy new sink fixtures, they are inexpensive and can be easily updated to any styles. With a new light fixture the bathroom will change its look right at the moment. Change the towels with new fluffy ones and you have a beautiful final touch. It’s amazingly easily to add colour to a neutral guest bathroom with coloured towels. There is a variety of choices from different materials, styles and colours.

Domestic cleaning London professionals also suggest to put some framed prints on the walls of the bathroom because they make a big impact. A cotton area rug also will stimulates your creativity and positive attitude when entering in the bathroom.

Last but not least, don’t miss to place some beautiful accessories, they add a warm and cosy touch to the bathroom and your guests will feel welcome in it.

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