Cleaning Spots and Spills From Your Carpet | Domestic Cleaning Tips

There is always a risk of spilling something onto the carpet and afterwards there are a lot of headaches to clean them. In this article we’ll give you some advice on how to deal with spills and spot on your precious carpet.

A lot of experts at a carpet cleaning agency in London, advise that you try to clean spills and spots immediately after you’ve noticed them. This will improve your chances on getting rid of the stain and not having to do extra work after that.

First carefully blot the stain with an absorbent cloth (a terry towel for example). Try to remove as much excess liquid as you can. Never rub the stain with the cloth or towel, because you can push it further into the fabric or you can cause it to grow larger and spread to other areas.

Before using any cleaning solution, first test it on an inconspicuous part of the carpet, so you can see if it will damage or discolour it. When you’re applying the cleaning product onto the stain work it from outside to inside, this will also prevent spreading.

After applying the cleaning product, blot up the excess moisture. If you feel that there is too much moisture left on the carpet and you can’t blot it out, try placing 2-3 bath towels on the spot and put a heavy object on them. Leave them for a while and check afterwards if you need to leave them for another period of time.

These were just a few of the cleaning tips that are recommended by a carpet cleaning company in London. If you want to know more call there and ask for advice.

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