5 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Home – Domestic Cleaning Tips


It’s not necessary to spend a fortune, or even a great deal of time to make your home a better place to live or increase it’s value. Here’s 5 quick tips on improving your home.

A Coat of Paint

Maybe a whole room or perhaps all you actually have to do is touch up bumps or scrapes. This may be the cheapest and quickest way to give a house a face-lift. If your home improvements are aimed at making your house more saleable keep your colour choices fairly neutral.

Fix Broken Fixtures or Fittings

You know the kind of things we’re talking about, the book shelf that’s hanging on for dear life, the door handle that comes off in your hand, the door that doesn’t quite shut over the carpet. A morning spent attending to these things will just make your home work better. If you don’t have the time, tools or skills call a professional handyman out to do the fixing for you. It won’t cost a fortune and it will make so much difference.

Deal With Plumbing Problems

Nothing is more off-putting in a home than unpleasant odours, the toilet that doesn’t flush efficiently or taps that won’t turn on or off easily. Most of the time fixing these will be relatively quick and easy. Sometimes all it takes is a change of washer, some de-scaling solution or a dose of drain cleaner. You may have got used to that certain smell or the eccentric taps but your visitors will love you for attending to the issue.

De-clutter and Sort Out Your Storage

No home looks at it’s best if it’s untidy, so spending a few hours clearing up will make an immense difference. De-cluttering is every estate agents’ top tip for making a house more saleable. If your clutter is a result of a tendency to hoard, be ruthless. Some of that stuff really does need to go to a car boot sale, a junk shop or even the local tip! If the problem is that you have things you need but nowhere to put them invest in some new furniture,. Modern flat pack items can represent fantastic value for money and there’s a storage solution to every problem.

Sort out Damp and Mould Problems

There are occasions where this is a major job, but often quick fixes are possible. Mould can cause health problems as well as looking unsightly so it’s worth spending a little time and money getting rid of it. You can improve ventilation to indoor bathrooms or kitchen with an extractor fan. Again if you don’t know how to fit it, call a London handyman to help you out. A medium strong bleach solution or special fungicide will kill off the mould and you can buy fungicidal paints for rooms that are always going to be problematic.

None of these things will cost you a great deal but they’ll all make your home more comfortable and that has to be an improvement.