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One More Reason to Recycle Your Cans

Posted by in Eco-friendly cleaning ideas

reasons to recycle cans

We have all heard a thousand reasons why we should recycle our cans. For some it is the traditional do your bit mentality that says we should avoid throwing valuable metal (and plastics, glass, paper and so forth) into great pits in the ground, which invariably turn England’s green and pleasant fields of clover and dormice into fetid swamps of brown-grey waste, steaming with toxicity and daring any bird or hedgerow animal to nest nearby, lest they give birth to still of deformed offspring.

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Update Your Abode with these Simple DIY Design Tips

Posted by in Home Decorating Ideas

DIY design tipsAs summer turns to fall and you begin to give assess your fall wardrobe, consider giving your home a revamp as well. While you may think that it’ll cost you a lot of money to make enhancements to your home, even the blandest spaces can be updated without breaking the bank by adding some simple, yet lively details.

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10 Moments Where Trash Made Us Laugh

Posted by in Cleaning Inspired by You

cat in garbageWe’ve seen all kinds of funny photos and video clips floating around the Internet, but how many of them involve trash? Here are 10 of the funniest and most interesting trash related moments presented to you as gifs.

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How to Clean Our Kitchen Easily

Posted by in Kitchen Cleaning

kitchen cleaningMost of you probably spend hours cleaning the house and probably secretly dream of inventing some fast and efficient cleaning methods while they are doing that. Guess what – we know exactly how it feels. The truth is that there really are some tricks that can save you time, money and efforts and help you make your home a clean and healthy place.

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What An Appraisal Means Exactly

Posted by in Property Managment

home appraisalAn appraisal is simply a valuation given to a property that will assist buyers, sellers and lenders. Other popular reasons for getting an appraisal include refinancing, valuing a property that is involved in a legal dispute and calculating tax assessments. No matter what reason you are getting an appraisal, the goal is to have one that is a fair, objective and accurate estimation of what the property is worth. An inaccurate appraisal can mean higher taxes, the inability to get complete financing for a home and loss of money on sale prices. This is why it is so important to have an experienced professional use proven methods in order to provide interested parties with the most accurate valuation as possible.

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Tips For Students On How To Look After Their Home

Posted by in Cleaning & Organising

students roomMany students rent a house during their study terms. But as students, they have a lot of items they should have around them including books, clothes, computers and many more things. With all these, it might be difficult to keep a tidy home. If you are a student, you may want to know how to look after your residence. Here are several useful tips that you can use to take care of your house. Follow them and get your home organized.

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Time Is Your Friend When Moving

Posted by in Moving and Removals

move out tipsGiving yourself as much time as possible when you move can only help you to make the process as minimally stressful as possible. From having access to more choices to having the opportunity to get properly organized, time is your friend when planning a big move.

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The Cost of Litter to You and Britain in a Picture

Posted by in Cleaning & Organising

The Cost of Litter to You and Britain

I came up on this wonderful infographic and I couldn’t hold myself not sharing it with you.

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Planning A Remodelling For Your House

Posted by in Home Decorating Ideas, Property Managment

painting and decoratingWhether you have realised that the current wall colours are no more in fashion or you are simple bored of the very old and dull look it’s never too late to decide upon revamping your house for a fresh look. Remodelling can help increase the space in your house by adding an extra room in the veranda for example or it can greatly improve up the decor with replacement of worn out surfaces, it’s a great step and should be taken with careful planning.

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Five Things About Pool Ownership They Don’t Tell You In The Movies

Posted by in Cleaning Inspired by You, Property Managment

pool cleaning

image source:

Having a pool right in your backyard can be one of the most awesome things to happen to you and your home. All those movies have validated that much enough already. What they don’t validate or tell you is what goes behind maintaining that pool, so you can get the best out of it. It’s something no one will you.

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