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Remove Milk Stains from Carpet in 3 Steps

Posted by in Home Cleaning Tips, Professional Cleaners

how to remove milk stainsMilk stains are not really hard to remove, but you don’t have to underestimate them, because this could lead to permanent stains. So just act quickly and relax, because they are not such a scary thing.

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Useful Tips on Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Posted by in Home Cleaning Tips

cleaners ChislehurstIf you have a hardwood floor in your living place, you for surely need a few tips on how to carry for it in the proper way, what are the supplies needed for the purpose and how often it needs cleaning. And here you are this helpful information.

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Remove Clean Battery Acid from Carpet

Posted by in Home Cleaning Tips, Professional Cleaners

How to Clean Up Battery AcidDo you know which is one of the most harmful substances in the household? This may surprise you… It is the battery acid. That’s why, you have to clean it up immediately to prevent carpet damage, stains and mostly – to prevent any health risks for you, your family or pets.

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How to Reduce the Use of Paper Towels in Move Out Cleaning

Posted by in Eco-friendly cleaning ideas

Move Out Cleaning LondonPaper towels are mainly used for wiping things. People prefer them because they are cheap, easy to find and to use. The thing is, though, that paper towels are not biodegradable and can be used only once. This makes them quite eco-unfriendly, having in mind that the amount of paper towels used every day equals to 51 000 trees. That is why we must learn how to reduce their use even in the move out cleaning process.

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Posted by in Cleaning & Organising

welcomeThis blog is entirely dedicated to cleaning and its purpose is to give high quality tips to people, who are in need. All the articles inside this site are written by people with experience in the field of the domestic cleaning.

Feel free to give any suggestions in the comment section bellow each post.

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